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I’ll keep this brief and to the point…well, as mch as I ever keep anything brief and to the point.

1) New reviews posted on Tor.com include Breaking Point, by Kristen Simmons, which is the sequel to Article 5, and Impulse, by Steven Gould, which is the latest in the Jumper series.  I also “eDiscovered” the classic space opera, The Price of the Stars, by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald.

2) Just about all copies of Scheherazade’s Facade, both digital and physical, have been sent out to appropriately happy Kickstarter backers. I’m poking the office to make sure we didn’t have any stragglers.  Just remember, if you didn’t back the anthology through Kickstarter, you can buy it through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Circlet, and other fine online retailers. If you read it and like it, reviews are greatly encouraged, on any of the above places, or Goodreads, or your personal blogs.

3) This one’s for all the SFWA members out there who are eligible to nominate for awards like the Nebulas. While all of the stories in Scheherazade’s Facade are worthy of recognition, David Sklar’s been trying extra hard to get his brilliant “Lady Marmalade” noticed. That story can be found in the SFWA forums as a standalone PDF.  The forums are password protected, but if you’re SFWA, you should have no problem getting in. The deadline is today (how time flies!) but it’s worth 10 minutes of your time.  Honest!

That’s it for the moment, although I’m sure I’m forgetting something…











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Originally published at Schrodinger's Bookshelf. You can comment here or there.

Facebook friends and Kickstarter backers already know this, but at long last, the trade paperback edition of Scheherazade’s Facade has finally escaped into the wild.  My lovely colleagues at Circlet Press shipped out the first batch of several dozen copies to U.S. backers early this week, and they’re already starting to reach their destinations.  (First confirmed sighting was Terry, the wonderful owner and operator of B&D Comics, here in Roanoke.  Or, as my wife refers to her, my crack dealer.  (It’s not my fault I have an addiction to comics, and every week, after getting my fix, go outside to shoot up in the parking lot.  I mean, read them funny books…))

Here’s what I sent to the Kickstarter backers:

It’s been a long time coming, longest of all for Yours Truly, but we really are in the final stage of fulfillment, and the end is in sight. See? There may have been a few twists, turns, delays and mishaps of chance along the way, but here we are.

I hope you enjoy your books when you get them. I hope that whatever you find in these books resonates with you, makes you happy, makes you think.

Here’s what I do know: the first batch to go out was to American backers. That’s nothing against you lovely, lovely international backers, it was just how the order got structured at the office. They’ve assured me that the rest of the books are slated to go out early next week. Obviously, the shipping will take time depending on how they go out and how much the mail system likes you. (My suggestion: make sacrifices to the Book Faeries.)

We’ll do our very best to stay on top of things, so if you ordered the physical copy and it doesn’t show in a reasonable time, please do get in touch so we can rectify sooner rather than later. (And I promise you, any address changes you sent me were promptly forward to the Circlet office for updating, even if I didn’t remember to reply to you at the time.)

As always, I encourage you to leave comments, ratings, and reviews for Scheherazade’s Facade online. Especially on our Amazon listing, Barnes and Noble, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Goodreads. We could use the love and honest feedback.

(And yes, I welcome and encourage all honest reviews about the quality, content, and style of the anthology. If the stories rock, say so. If they suck, say so. If you would recommend this book to your best friend or your worst enemy, do so. If you have a complaint about the delivery or fulfillment, or if something goes wrong or missing, take that up with me or Circlet directly. Amazon and B&N have nothing to do with shipping backer rewards, that’s a joint effort between Circlet and myself, depending on what aspect of the project you’re looking at.)

Now then, I still have a few details to handle, and more people to nag, so I’ll close out without further ado.



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Originally published at Schrodinger's Bookshelf. Please leave any comments there.


I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  What can I say?  It was the holidays.  Things happened.  There was family.  There was food. There were books. There were memories, and we will not speak of the things which make my in-laws point and laugh at me.

So then.  I have this anthology.  You might have heard of it.  Scheherazade’s Facade: Fantastical Tales of Gender Bending, Cross-Dressing, and Transformation.  It’s a little something I put together a few years back, and which then went through an epic freaking struggle to actually get published.  You know, the time-honored tale of “guy gets publisher, guy loses publisher, guy hits on every publisher in town, guy finds new publisher, guy gets crowd-funded, guy and publisher live happily ever after.”

Aaaaanyway.  Here it is.  Several months ago, Scheherazade’s Facade came out in its ebook format.  But now, at long last, after an epic journey of almost 4 years from the first proposal write-up until now, it is possible to buy the PRINT version of this anthology.  That’s right, it’s an actual, physical, hold-in-your-hands, put-on-your-bookshelves, use-as-paperweight, throw-at-the-cats, put-under-your-pillow, cuddle-it-and-call-it-George, BOOK.

(Brief pause while I Kermit flail.  I mean, holy crap, you guys.  I made an anthology.  An actual book.  Which people can buy and read and nominate for awards and review and show off to strangers and even though HUNDREDS of people were involved in the final outcome, my name is on the cover which means I DID THIS and I’m actually an editor and DUDE.)

(Sorry about that.  It’s been a long time coming.  My wife is amused, the cats are dismissive, but I have the spirit in me.)

Where was I?  Oh yes.  This book.  This beautiful anthology with words by Tanith Lee, Sarah Rees Brennan, Tiffany Trent, Alma Alexander, David Sklar, Aliette de Bodard, and so many other EXCELLENT authors.  You can buy it for real from Amazon, Barnes and Noble,and probably other places.  The trade paperback doesn’t seem to be on sale at Circlet yet, but give it a little time to update.

So order it. Read it. Love it. Review it. If you have the power to do so, feel free to nominate individual stories for awards. Nominate the whole anthology, I won’t mind.  (Keep in mind that the book totally came out in 2012 and is thus eligible for all such things.)  Spread the word.

But most importantly, enjoy it.  This has been a long time in the making, and I’m so thrilled to finally, officially, completely, thoroughly, share it with the world.  And the better it does, the more chance that publishers will trust me to commit anthology in the future, and that would be an awesome thing.

(And please, rest assured, all you Kickstarter backers who didn’t see the last update: your copies are coming as soon as Circlet’s office’s reopen next week. They need to recapture the office elves, who are allowed one week a year to run for their lives.)


I’ll close out with several reviews of the book.

Publishers Weekly

Jarla Tangh

Kellan Sparver

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Originally published at Schrodinger's Bookshelf. You can comment here or there.

I am pleased,nay, honored and thrilled, to announce the official release of Scheherazade’s Facade: Fantastical Tales of Gender Bending, Cross-Dressing, and Transformation.

An anthology nearly 4 years in the making, it features all new fantasy and urban fantasy stories by Tanith Lee, Alma Alexander, Aliette de Bodard, David Sklar, Tiffany Trent, Sarah Rees Brennan, and more!

Scheherazade’s Facade is currently available as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Circlet,  and will be available from other online retailers as they process it.  The print version will be available as a trade paperback from all the usual places in a matter of days, if all goes well.  (We had to fix a last minute error before uploading the files, and Yours Truly, along with the Beloved Publisher and several of the authors, were away for the weekend at World Fantasy Con, making sure everyone knew about this fabulous anthology…)

So there we are: it’s out and available.  Go forth and buy the book!  For those who backed the Kickstarter project, your rewards will be delivered as soon as humanly possible, given that it’s a big job and I’m a very sleepy man.

And yes, I will entertain requests for review copies, provided you can handle ebooks, and provided you’re actually serious about leaving reviews on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Facebook, Livejournal, Google+, your own blog, or whatever.  If you want a review copy, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.


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Originally published at Schrodinger's Bookshelf. Please leave any comments there.

Sorry I haven’t been around here much.  The sad truth is that so much of what I’ve been doing is behind the scenes or boring, that I haven’t really felt the pressure to post.  But I do have a few things to note.

1) Scheherazade’s Facade is approximately 99.99% done and ready to go.  Our release date has been slated for October 30th, which means ebooks might be ready before that, and print books will be ready around that.  And except for one spectacularly last-second catch by a sharp-eyed member of the Circlet editorial team regarding a small typo which slipped under EVERYONE’S radar for MONTHS, and oh god, I owe this person so much, it’s been a quiet and peaceful process.  Almost home, folks!

2) Like Fortune’s Fool, my new anthology of erotic tales of luck and serendipity, has a month to go on its reading period. Guidelines are here. In the month I’ve been open to submissions, I’ve gotten exactly three stories, all of which were splendidly inappropriate and not even close to what I want. I’m desperately praying that all the good writers I know are just biding their time to taunt me and I’ll get slammed at the last minute.  Please, authors, slam me with the good stuff.  I beg you.

3) Like A Cunning Plan, my first anthology of erotic trickster tales, has been out for several months, and has yet to garner any reviews or mentions or, well, anything as far as I can tell. If you love me, and you bought this anthology and didn’t tell me, leave a Amazon review. Or Barnes and Noble review. Or rate it on Goodreads. Or something. It makes me sad that this project has flown under the radar, which it’s awesome and entertaining. (Oh, the irony, that I should be at the mercy of reviewers…)

4)  My most recent review for Tor.com is The Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater, a YA which I absolutely loved.

5) I’ll be at World Fantasy Con in Toronto at the beginning of November.  If you’re there, find me. I’ll be the one with a stack of copies of Scheherazade’s Facade strapped to my chest in one of those chest-mounted baby carriers.  Unless my wife talks me out of it.  Again.

That’s it for now, folks. I’ve got deadlines to fulfill, and all that other jazz.




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Originally published at Schrodinger's Bookshelf. You can comment here or there.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, as it’s basically just a roundup of various interesting tidbits.

1) I’m chortled pink to announce that my story, “The Secret Life of Ramona Lee,” was accepted for publication in the upcoming anthology, Geek Love.  You may have heard of this project; it’s been doing phenomenally on Kickstarter, and still has just under a week left to run.  There’s still time to join in and pre-order what may be one of the most interestingly sexy, geeky, wild books of the year.  Artists take note: they’re still accepting submissions for art, photos, comics, and stuff until September 30th.  I’ll be sure to release more details as they become available.

2) I am now taking submissions for my next erotica anthology.  Like Fortune’s Fool: Erotic Tales of Serendipity and Luck will be published by Circlet Press.  The submission period will run until November 15th.  Details and guidelines may be found here.  You may post questions to the original guidelines page, or send questions, queries, and submissions to fortunesfoolantho@gmail.com

3) I am also the Microfiction Editor for Circlet’s online presence.  Every Friday, we run erotic sf/f short-shorts.  I’m looking for sexy, weird, tantalizing sf/f stories which run around 250-1000 words. Full guidelines may be found here.  Previous and current microfictions may be found here. It barely pays anything, but some microfiction authors have gone on to bigger and better things with Circlet.  I’d love to see some stuff by new and different writers!

4) I just turned in the PDF proof of Sheherazade’s Facade to Circlet for final corrections.  This is essentially the end-run before publication, since what I just sent back will be, after everything is taken care of, turned into the actual book which will be sent out as an ebook or a trade paperback.  This is it, folks. So close to the end of the line, I can almost taste the victory.

And that’s it for the moment!


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